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Committed to change

Our focus is to support work aimed at reducing vulnerabilities and inequalities, as also, safeguarding basic freedoms. Hence, we partner with civil society organisations, governments and donors who share our goals. We also aim to arrive at true partnerships with our grantees or grant partners, while staying completely respectful of their hard-won expertise and experience. We support grantee partners with proven expertise, credibility and track record. And we back issues or initiatives with the potential for both profound and positive impact.

To know more about us and our philosophy, please go through the Who we are page.
To understand the roles we play and the three types of grants we make, we encourage you to go through the How we work section.
To know more about our focus areas and themes, please go through the What we do page.

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If your organisation fits our mandate, we shall respond to you.

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Please note:

  • We do not support for-profit organisations
  • We do not support grants on education
  • We do not support students or individuals