We support work across three main focus areas--Vulnerable Groups, Governance and Nutrition. We have identified certain themes under each focus area and pursue different approaches (roles) to grant making across these focus areas and themes.

We make grants to partners whose work, we believe, adds intrinsic value to vulnerable individuals, communities or groups. In terms of our role, we are funders of what we call Value in itself grants.

We also offer our expertise to build on grant partners’ inherent strengths so they are able to scale their work with vulnerable groups and reach out significantly more people. In this Scale-up approach of grant making, we play the role of Enabler.

We also take on the role of Orchestrator, when we focus on system change and long-term impact. In this case, we develop our strategy for an identified theme within a focus area. Then we support Special Initiatives that will synergistically bring together a number of partners and the government to achieve a particular change within a given sector.

Through our Vulnerable Groups focus area, our approach has been primarily as a funder and enabler. Through our Governance and Nutrition focus areas, we play the role of orchestrator, where we aim to bring about far reaching reform within the sectors concerned. Here too, we have our own strategy for each theme. And we support partners who share our goals.

EnAble India, Bengaluru

EnAble India is building a virtual platform or website to impart economic independence, training modules and organisational development for persons with disabilities, their families and prospective employers. It will also serve as a platform for other NGOs.

Latika Roy Memorial Foundation, Dehradun

The NGO based in Uttarakhand (Dehradun) provides special education, training in daily living activities to boost functional independence in persons with disabilities and empowers their families through counselling and information services--to aid their integration into society.

Samaj Unnayan Kendra (SUK), South 24 Parganas

The NGO ensures timely linkages to Government schemes, provides support, early intervention services, home-based education, skill development and employment for 500 disabled children in the Sunderbans, West Bengal--Baruipur, Namkhana, Mousuni Islands and Mathurapur.

Sense International India, Ahmedabad

The NGO works for the deaf-blind by bolstering the capacity of nine partner organisations, running five early screening and referral centres at eminent hospitals and training special educators under the Sarva Siksha Abhiyaan. In Andhra Pradesh (Kakinada, Rayalseema districts); Karnataka (Bengaluru); Kerala (Kottayam, Wayanad); Tamil Nadu (Chennai, Kanyakumari, Trichy); Telangana (Khammam).

Shishu Sarothi Centre for Rehabilitation & Training for Multiple Disability, Guwahati

The NGO is aiding 420 children with disabilities to get ready for school, and providing life/livelihood skills to 160 students in Assam (Guwahati). It is also working with schools, teachers, and the industry so that these children become functional members of society.

Spastics Society of Karnataka (SSK), Bengaluru

SSK supports Centre for Special Education, a day school in Bengaluru for 300 children and young adults with disabilities. The school has a strong volunteer base as also, a good teacher-student ratio.

The Association of People with Disability (APD), Bengaluru

APD seeks to enhance the ecosystem for persons with disabilities across six districts, mainly in rural areas of North Karnataka. As a resource organisation, it is partnering with six organisations including NGOs and community-based organisations to build their capabilities for outreach and community-based rehabilitation.

Ummeed, Mumbai

Ummeed delivers direct clinical services for 450 children with developmental disabilities hailing from poor families in Maharashtra and Gujarat. It conducts workshops for parents, other stakeholders so they are more sensitised, better trained, and are able to carry out early detection and management of such disabilities. 

VAANI, Deaf Childrens' Foundation, Bengaluru

Vaani provides 100 deaf children and their families in Tumakuru district, Karnataka, with specialised services--educational, health, nutritional and skills development. It also focuses on capacity building and networking with stakeholders.

Vidya Sagar, Chennai

Vidya Sagar provides early intervention services to 550 children with disabilities in Tamil Nadu, by training 1,250 families in care and therapy. It extends community rehabilitation programmes to rural areas of Madurai, and slums in Chennai.